Davardi’s will be closing for Christmas on Monday 22nd of December.

We re-open on Saturday 4th of January.
We’ll miss you but really need a break. If you’ll miss us you could order part-baked pizza for your freezers to heat up during the holidays in front of the TV or as part of a party feast.

Whatever you are doing this Christmas we hope you have a wonderful time doing it.
We love Christmas. There are just 10 for Christmas/Birthday dinner (it’s Tom’s birthday)at our house this year. Crammed 30 in at the ‘Evil Twin’s’ house last year (I mean my lovely sister Helen). It was fun but our wider family are growing so it’s getting more difficult to shoe horn then into one place-10 will be a doddle!
In the New Year there are some amazing events to prepare for-firstly our little dough baby will arrive, then there are weddings… Actually, I’d better get on with it.
Happy Christmas everyone, we think we have the loveliest customers in the whole world and appreciate you very much. Xxx

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