Davardi’s was established in 1971 and was the first pizza shop in the North of England. The idea was brought back to the UK by the original Davardi family (Parker/Chalinor) from Australia, where they had lived for several years and where they had fallen in love with the tastes supplied by Italian immigrants there. Missing Australia meant missing pizza to them and so Davardi’s was born.

Good friends of the previous owners and massive fans of Davardi’s food and ethos the Lindley family bought the business in 2007. It took time to perfect the 40 year old recipes but they didn’t want to change a thing and continue with the time honoured methods of dough making and original sauces today. They have added pasta and sauces to excite current dining tastes, new salads and oh-that tiramisu!!

This is how we roll:

7.30 am. Dough preparation begins. 5 mixes and 3 sacks of flour later and the bench is full.

8.30 am. Cutting and kneading of the dough into small, medium or large sized pizza bases.

10.30 am. All in dough cupboard to prove so time for a break.

2.30 pm. Dough is ready-time to spread each one by hand onto trays ready for your favourite topping.

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